Perky by Nature – Biodegradable Reusable Coffee Cup 12oz


  • Cup & lid made from bamboo fibre, corn fibre & natural resin
  • Sleeve and lid seals made from silicone
  • Biodegradable & recyclable
  • Easy to clean – all parts removable
  • Choice of colours for both cup and lid
  • Size: 12oz


Beautiful 12oz reusable coffee cups made from bamboo fibre, corn fibre and natural resin. These cups and lids are biodegradable, and can be buried at the end of their life – they will biodegrade in around 3 years. The silicone sleeve and lids seals are recyclable.

The bamboo fibre lid screws on securely, and is a spout lid (like a takeaway cup) with a secure spill-proof hole plug. These cups also feature a silicone sleeve to protect hands against hot liquids, and the silicone plug can be removed so you can use it with straw. They are easy to clean with all silicone parts and seals removable for an easy wash.

Choice of colours for both the cups and lids –

Cups – Peachy Perky | Perky Purple | Perky Planet | Ocean Perky

Lids – Blue | Yellow | Pink | Natural

Additional information

Weight .165 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 12 cm


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