Out & About Essentials Box (customisable) from $60

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Reduce your waste every day with our customisable EcoLife Box Out & About Essentials Box!

Each box contains:

  • coffee cup (choose your cup and lid colours)
  • bamboo cutlery set (choose 3 or 5 piece)
  • stainless steel straw kit (choose colour)
  • water bottle (choose style and colour/pattern)
  • reusable bag (choose style and colour/pattern)


The Out & About Essentials Box is a great way to start making a huge positive environmental impact in your every day life! Your daily takeaway coffee? Grab it in your reusable cup! Say no to plastic cutlery and use your bamboo set when you’re grabbing some food on the go. Fancy a juice or smoothie? Pop it in your reusable cup and use your straw kit! And next time you have to pick up a few groceries on your way home or find yourself doing some spontaneous shopping, your reusable bag is ready to go!

In this box you’ll find all the essential items to get you through any errand run, shopping trip or just a day spent out and about! You can make a positive difference to our earth with the choices you make each and every day, and with this box, it’s easy to choose to reuse!!


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