What is the EcoLife Box Subscription?

The EcoLife Box Subscription is a new way to make positive environmentally friendly changes to your everyday life with our subscription box service!

How does it work?


Subscribe to a monthly delivery of the EcoLife Box and you will receive a box with eco-friendly and ethical products to gradually and affordably replace the not-so environmentally friendly items around your home and in your daily habits. As much as possible, product and shipping packaging are all ‘green’ and ethical.


When your box arrives each month, you will discover the world of eco-friendly products available for all the different areas of your home. You will also receive info to help you live a more eco-conscious life day to day, and how to start implementing more eco-friendly practices.

Make a difference

Every time you reach for something reusable, biodegradable or recyclable rather than disposable, you are reducing landfill waste and garbage headed for our precious oceans. These small steps every day add up to make a huge difference to our earth, the environment and all its inhabitants.

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  • Wander Wallets - Clutch ($35.00)
    reviewed by Jennie

    The durability seems great, beautiful design as pictured. BUT, if you want to slide your phone in one of the pockets, you'll only be able to if your phone has no case. I have a Google Pixel 3- not a large phone- and it will not fit in either of the pockets with a slim phone case.

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