I’m Beck, the creator and curator of your EcoLife Box subscription. I’m excited to have you join me on this eco journey to help look after the earth better now, and help safeguard it for the future!

EcoLife Box is a new way to make positive environmentally friendly changes to your everyday life. We are hearing more and more all the time about the damage being done to our precious planet with single-use plastics polluting the ocean, unnecessary waste ending up in landfill, environmentally harmful manufacturing processes, the list goes on and on….

When I started my journey to live a life with less waste and better waste management, I found it completely overwhelming to even know where to begin. It seemed like such a monumental task! The more aware I became of what was not so environmentally friendly, the more I saw things that need to be changed, replaced or removed completely from my home.

It can be a very daunting, overwhelming and expensive exercise, and top that off with having to get my husband onside both financially and in practice around the home… well it spent a long time in the ‘too-hard basket’.

But eventually, after making gradual and manageable changes, I realised that it can be done it small steps, item by item, and small changes would gradually add up to make a big difference. And if lots of us make these small changes, we can make an even bigger difference. This then got me thinking – how can I make it easier for everyone to start making these small changes as I had…??

The EcoLife Box Subscription!!

Rather than trying to replace everything in one go, being confused about what you should and shouldn’t get, or not even knowing where to start, why not have it all taken care of for you!

With your subscription to EcoLife Box, you will get a new box each month with a variety of products for your home, to gradually replace the environmentally unfriendly items with environmentally ethical and friendly ones. Over time you will find everything from food storage and reusable cups and straws, to shower sponges and hair brushes, so that every room from your kitchen to your bathroom is more environmentally friendly each month!

The idea is also to show you a variety of brands and products available in the world of eco-friendly living, and even various options you have for similar products, so you can work out what works best for you, your home and your family.

If you have already started on your own eco journey and find that you already have an item included in a box, I have a ‘spread the eco love and pay it forward’ policy! This means, I encourage you to give that item to someone, like a friend or family member, to get them started on their own eco journey and I will reward you for the gesture. You will find a card in every box for you to give along with the item so your friend knows how to start their own subscription, and you will get a special thank you from me!

It is also very important to me that we are keeping our waste to an absolute minimum, so our shipping boxes and even packing tape are all recyclable or biodegradable, and where possible, the products included in the boxes are also minimal or zero waste, in that all packaging is preferably biodegradable and can be composted, or can be recycled – nothing needs to end up in your general waste bin headed to landfill.

I will also share resources with you on how to live more environmentally friendly with topics like recycling and composting, and please also join me on the social pages for more tips and information.

I am so excited to share this with you!



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  • Wander Wallets - Clutch ($35.00)
    reviewed by Jennie

    The durability seems great, beautiful design as pictured. BUT, if you want to slide your phone in one of the pockets, you'll only be able to if your phone has no case. I have a Google Pixel 3- not a large phone- and it will not fit in either of the pockets with a slim phone case.

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